Our Story

As a behavior research amateur and with over over 20 years of pondering, my primary focus has been designing a standard intervention procedure to address minor problematic behavior within teams. Specifically, I have been working on a solution to manage rudeness, bias or dogmatic browbeating in teams, which can stifle collaboration and prevent the sharing of innovative and novel ideas.

Current evidence supports that people are more hesitant to speak up in such situations due to a fear of being talked down to or dismissed. To solve this problem, we are developing the SpatzAI real-time intervention app and platform, providing a simple yet effective approach to addressing poor team behavior.

Instead of responding to browbeating behavior with more of the same, or backing down, the SpatzAI app encourages team members to remain “objective” by objecting in real-time and inviting their peers to review their conflict when necessary using Spatz Network.

Our hypothesis is, that if agreed to, this approach can empower everyone on the team, from the janitor to the CEO to participate in resolving their own spats or micro-conflicts. It will create a safe environment where everyone agrees to our individual protection when sharing ideas, no matter how original or whacky.

Unlike the traditional psychological safety approach to behavior change, SpatzAI does not require leaders to create a “positive work culture”, read numerous psychology books, or attend countless coaching workshops. We don’t believe in micromanaging micromanagers, just in allowing the course-correcting of each other, in real-time, when deemed necessary.

Simply by democratizing the conflict resolution process in real-time, the SpatzAI app and platform will be a comprehensive solution that allows team members to address and resolve problematic behavior while promoting collaboration and cohesion within the team.