Toolkit to fix minor team spats before major conflicts arise

Here is our pitch deck and demo video that explains our simple toolkit to fix minor infractions in teams.

We don’t think that any conflict or harassment in teams happens out of the blue, but originates from our minor infractions (spats). This is our focus.

Our startup offers a Software-as-a-Service toolkit that allows team members, managers or investors to self-manage any minor infraction, when they speak up, before it can escalate into an ongoing conflict of badmouthing each other.
The toolkit consists of the following:
▪️ An agreed intervention procedure that manages.
▪️ A 3-step app that moderates.
▪️ A peer-review network that mitigates &
▪️ AI-ML data collection that monitors our spats, disputes and conflicts.

We hope to accomplish our research project by the end of 2022 and be commercially trading during 2023. Check out our app demo and charter links above, for further explanation.