SpatzAI – Intervention Toolkit for Micro-conflict (spats) in Teams

Here is our pitch deck and demo video that explains our simple toolkit to resolve micro-conflict in teams.

We don’t think that major conflict in teams happens out of the blue, but arises from micro-conflict behavior during disagreements, AKA. spats.
Our focus is on creating an AI intervention toolkit to resolve minor infractions in teams before they become major conflicts.

“Conflict is an escalation of a disagreement…characterized by… conflict behavior…actively trying to damage one another.”

[Prof Michael Nicholson – Conflict (process) — Wikipedia]

“Psychological safety is an atmosphere where one can take chances……….without fear and with
sufficient protection.”

[Edgar Schein & Warren Bennis 1965 – Psychological Safety – Wikipedia]

Our startup will offer a Software-as-a-Service toolkit for micro-conflict in teams before they escalate into ongoing serious conflict and malicious gossip.

Our intervention toolkit consists of the following:

From one AI to another

We hope to accomplish our research project by early 2023 and be commercially trading later in 2023. Check out our app demo and charter links above, for further explanation.

SpatsAI Demo Video