SpatzAI - fair play

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SpatzAI - fair play

#Predicted number of spats for a team of 100 over 1 week

Sustaining productive disagreements
in teams, spat by spat.

Of the 3012 verbal cautions 353 were not resolved & escalated to...
1. Official CAUTIONS (SPATS)
Of the 353 Spats, 43 were not resolved & escalated to.....
Of the 43 Disputes, 5 were not resolved & escalated to....
Of the 5 Conflicts posted on the Spatz peer review network, 1 went to a vote.

The Spatz Intervention Toolkit
Consists of....

SpatzAI - dare to fly

The Spatz tool kit, and research pilot.

Spatz SaaS Options

SpatzAI - fair play

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The Spatz Secret Sauce...

Nipping disagreements at the first spat prevents toxic disputes and conflicts arising…

By protecting team members’ bold ideas from browbeating or unfair naysaying we should experience a marked improvement in the environment for collaboration and cooperation in teams.

At Spatz we prefer an environment where team members OBJECT (real-time and direct) to HOW a message is delivered rather than COMPLAIN  about the person (venting after the fact and indirect). When DISAGREEING, team members simply focus on their differing opinions in the discussion not on the person. More….

SpatzAI’s way of reducing uncertainty when micro-conflicts occur in teams is informed by research that investigates the “Dynamics of micro-conflicts and uncertainty in successful and unsuccessful design teams”.

Using the SpatzAI we understand the ‘Upside of Uncertainty’ versus the ‘Downside of Dogmatic and Absolute Language’ and believe it is crucial for creating an effective environment for resolving micro-conflicts and disagreements. More…

This fits seamlessly into the SpatzAI way, aligning with its core democratic principles, of inclusion, transparency, and a practical approach to creating a safe team environment. Here’s how it integrates….

In the context of the SpatzAI way, we believe that consistent accountability for minor misbehavior in teams plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and productive team environment. This concept affects teams in several key ways….

Using the Spatz app to document our spats incase they escalate

Empowering teams to
push the envelope, spat by spat..

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Our upcoming pilot at a Proposed University.

We are looking for expressions of interest to host a pilot for the Spatz intervention. Hoping to be completed by early 2024.


Proposed University Gold Coast, Qld




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