3-step Intervention & APP

In real-time, we use a simple verbal caution to inform the person of our discomfort from what we consider as an infringement and require a simple acknowledgment to move on, as per the SpatzAI Intervention Agreement. Or if our objection is contested or ignored, we use the SpatzAI App after, to document our spat, dispute or conflict, if necessary to try resolve it.


  1. Caution – using the SpatzAI App to send the caution, the grounds for it and the data collection begins. An acknowledgment is required for our spat and the deemed offender and if still unresolved (contested)…..
  2. Object – an official objection is sent and now our dispute requires a simple apology, and if still unresolved (contested)….
  3. Stop – is sent and the app automatically posts our conflict onto the SpatzAI & Founder Network to be reviewed. Now the conflict requires an acceptable apology for a resolution, and if still unresolved (contested)….

The conflict goes to a vote with a chance to hear both sides and the SpatzAI & Peer Review Network makes a recommendation on how to resolve the conflict.

3-step app